About Us

Dr Geoffrey Kolbe, Director and CEO
Geoffrey Kolbe has been in the gun trade for more than a quarter of a century. For most of that time, he was a user of gunsmith tooling such as chamber reamers, headspace gauges, bore reamers and rifling buttons in his barrel making business, Border Barrels Ltd., so is very familiar with what it needs for such tooling to work as it should.

However, Geoffrey had always been frustrated that all suppliers (of note) of such gunsmith tooling were in the United States and if a new tool was needed, delivery times were always very extended. And when the tools did arrive, quality tended to be an issue too. Chamber reamers and bore reamers always had to be touched up by hand with diamond lap before they were ever used, to ensure they gave the required finish. Headspace gauges could be two or three thou' away from their nominated length and so they had to be checked and errors taken into account.

Surely, somebody on this side of the Atlantic could supply what gunsmiths required, to the standard required and on a timescale that was not a drag on business. Usually in business, if there is a need then somebody will turn his hand to filling the market niche. The fact that nobody had done so raises the question of whether a viable business does actually exist in supplying such tooling to the gun trade. Well, the same could be said back in 1990 when Geoffrey started making rifle barrels. History showed that there was in fact a good business in supplying barrels and, moreover, the fact that such a business had been created in the UK encouraged other businesses to flourish which depended upon the existance of a British barrel maker. Geoffrey figured that the same could be now be said for a company that made chamber reamers and other tooling for gunsmiths and some careful market research appeared to confirm this view. Having sold Border Barrels Ltd. in 2012, Geoffrey thought he would step up to the plate and create such a business.

So it was that in 2015, BBT Ltd. was founded and Geoffrey has been working hard during 2016 to put together the necessary machines and other infrastructure to start making chamber reamers, headspace gauges and other specialist tooling for gunsmiths.