Ballistics programs
  • Internal ballistics simulator This is a program that is unique on the Internet. Like the well known QuickLOAD program, this is numerical computer model of what happens after the powder in a firearms cartridge ignites. But unlike the QuickLOAD program, this app is online and free at the point of use. The powder choice is limited at the moment, but it is early days and we are hard at work trying to increase the repertoire of powders.

  • Kolbe-Leduc solution The Leduc equation is probably the best known equation of internal ballistics. The eponymous equation is a simple hyperbolic form which gives shot velocity as a function of distance travelled up the barrel and was first described in 1904. It has two constants which need to be determined for a particular load in a given gun, but once found the simple equation has been found to be surprisingly accurate. Up to now, the two constants could be determined analytically, but only if the maximum chamber pressure and the muzzle velocity were known.

    This rather limits the usefulness of the equation which could form the basis of a very simple, but accurate and very useful analytic internal ballistics system if only these constants could be derived from sound thermodynamic principles, based on the propellant properties and the loading conditions. Well, it turns out this can be done if certain assumptions are made and what is presented here is a program based on the "Kolbe-Leduc" internal ballistics system, which can be used much like QuickLOAD or the P-Max system above to determine chamber pressures and muzzle velocities for a given powder/projectile/cartridge/barrel combination.

    A paper describing the system is currently being peer reviewed before being published in a journal. Once that has happened, a description of the system will be published here.

Ballistics notes
Notes by Geoffrey Kolbe on a number ballistics topics is listed here.