Ballistics programs
  • Internal ballistics simulator This is a program that is unique on the Internet. Like the well known QuickLOAD program, this is numerical computer model of what happens after the powder in a firearms cartridge ignites. But unlike the QuickLOAD program, this app is online and free at the point of use. The powder choice is limited at the moment, but it is early days and we are hard at work trying to increase the repertoire of powders.

  • Mayer Hart solution Mainly for those with a deeper interest in internal ballistics, this program solves the internal ballistics equations using the Mayer Hart analytical system developed in 1945, before the age of digital computers. A number of simplifications and approximations were made to achieve a closed form solution, but used intelligently it can give surprisingly good results and was a mainstay of the Ballistic Research Laboratory in the United States for many years. Powder parameters for the range of Vihtavuori powders are given so that this system can be tried and experienced. A link to a description of the system is also given, which gives a derivation of the Mayer Hart equations.

Ballistics notes
Notes by Geoffrey Kolbe on a number ballistics topics is listed here.