BBT Privacy Policy

How we obtain and use personal information
We keep the name, company name, email address and delivery address of past customers, which was obtained when that customer placed an order with the company. We use this information to manage our ordering system so that we do not have to keep entering the same information when customers make repeat orders. We need this information so that an order can be processed and delivered in the course of the business. We use this information to send emails to past customers giving news about the company and to promote our products. We also ask for a copy of the licence the customer will have for trading as a firearms dealer.

As a member of the Gun Trade Association, we also have a list of names, company names, email address and postal address for all the members of the Gun Trade Association. We use the email addresses to send information that will be of interest to Gun Trade Association members.

We give customers the option to pay using their credit card via a link to the WorldPay website. We do not have access to any credit/debit card details.

Sharing information
We do not share any information that we have about person or organisation, unless we think that person or organisation would welcome those details being passed on. (For example, someone asks us who can spray paint a rifle stock and so we pass on the details of a company that spray paints rifle stocks.)

How long do we keep data
Data is kept as long as possible unless:

  • An individual or organisation asks us to remove the data pertaining to them.
  • A recipient of our email marketing replies with an 'unsubscribe' message.
All personal and corporate data is kept electronically in files or folders on the server computers of our Internet Service Provider (Heart Internet). The files and folders are password protected. The CGI programs the company uses to access the data are also password protected. Only administration staff who need access to this data have the necessary passwords.

Cookies and use of our website
The company's websites and do not use cookies.

When a user browses our website, certain information is collected by the Internet Service Provider to form an access log and an error log. This information includes the IP address or the user's computer, the type of browser used and the web pages which were browsed. This information is used solely to maintain the smooth functioning of the company's websites. Only the last 100 lines from the log are available to the company. The time it takes for a new entry to progress off the end of the list is dependent on the rate at which web pages are accessed, but is typically a few days.

Accuracy of personal information
Customers are requested to provide their name, address and email address at the time an order is placed. Customers are asked to check and confirm this information before the order is processed.

For repeat customers who may reasonably assume we have the necessary information on record, they are also asked to check the current information held on record to ensure it is still correct. However, the personal information given for any previous order by the same customer (which was confirmed as correct at the time) continues to be kept.

Contact us
For any requests to erase, correct, restrict how we use personal data, or find out what data we hold, please email or write to: Border Ballistics Technologies Ltd., The Green Barn, Newcastleton, TD9 0SN.

This policy will be kept under regular review. This policy was last updated on 30th April 2018.