Headspace Gauges

A pair of headspace gauges ('GO' and 'NO GO') will be £178 (€229, $250)

Gauges can only be purchased in pairs and are not available singly.

If certificates are required with the gauges, a pair of headspace gauges are £292 (€375, $410).

We hold gauges in stock for the more common range of cartridges and these headspace gauges will be available for immediate delivery. (This range will be the same as the range of chamber reamers we hold in stock). Gauges we do not hold in stock can generally be made within two weeks

Our gauges are made from hardened tool steel.

Standards and Tolerances
Gauges are made to the CIP standard by default. Gauges can be made to the SAAMI standard on request.

Gauges made to any other standard, or to a non-standard length can also be made on request with a £25.00 (€32, $35.25) surcharge.