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Notes for Custom Reamer form
  • This form can be used for rimmed, rimless or belted cartridge chambers.
  • You must fill in the "Reamer name" field or the form will not be submitted.
  • The dimensions in black need to be filled in for all chambers.
  • For rimmed or belted cartridge chambers, the dimensions in blue also need to be filled in.
  • Finally, our CNC machines understand millimeters, but if converting is a problem for you then please use inches below.

Reamer name

Parent cartridge
Body length L1
Shoulder length L2
Case length L3
Rim or Belt thickness E
Base diameter R1
Body-base diameter P1
Shoulder diameter P2
Shoulder angle α
Body Shoulder radius r1
Shoulder Neck radius r2
Neck Start diameter H1
Neck Finish diameter H2
Throat diameter G1
Mouth Chamfer length h
Freebore length s
Lead angle (degrees) i
Bore diameter F