About Us

Dr Geoffrey Kolbe, Director and CEO
Geoffrey Kolbe obtained his degrees in physics at Imperial College, London University. He then spent ten years doing research as an experimental physicist at Imperial College, and two more years at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the United States, designing and building high precision apparatus to perform challenging and precise measurements to investigate the atomic physics of hot, dense plasmas.

Geoffrey was also a keen three-position target rifle shooter and represented the UK in many international competitions in the UK and in Europe. In 1990, Geoffrey merged his love of shooting and his love of challenging technology to start Border Barrels Ltd., manufacturing rifle barrels for target shooters, barrels for hunters, test barrels for ordnance factories, and high accuracy production barrels for sniper rifle manufacturers. The rifle barrels achieved an enviable reputation for accuracy and were used by Olympic gold medal winners (at least three) and several World champions.

In 2012, Geoffrey Kolbe sold Border Barrels Ltd. But ever ready for a challenge, he started a new company in 2015. Geoffrey had always been frustrated by suppliers of gunsmith tooling in the United States. If a new tool was needed, delivery times were always very extended, and when the tools did arrive, quality tended to be an issue too. So it was that Border Ballistics Technologies Ltd. was founded, to make reamers and gauges for gunsmiths to the quality they need and in the timescale they need.

Geoffrey has since been working hard to put together the necessary machines and other infrastructure to make chamber reamers, headspace gauges and other specialist tooling for gunsmiths. Turnover has grown steadily. Gunsmiths who knew Geoffrey Kolbe's reputation for quality will try a BBT reamer, and Geoffrey is gratified that these gunsmiths convert to using BBT as their supplier of preference.

High quality and fast turnaround are Geoffrey Kolbe's guiding principles and they seem to delivering what the gun trade needs. He wishes that BBT had been around when he had been running Border Barrels Ltd.!